Spring Work: Wrangling Ridges, Ruts, Root Balls, Residues and Rough Ground!

The winter of 2018-2019 is going to be one for the record books. We’ve had record flooding in the Plains states, one of the snowiest February’s ever throughout the upper Midwest, and a bomb cyclone that created weather events from Wyoming to New York state. This unique combination of frozen and liquid moisture, temperature fluctuations, and uneven drying, makes navigating fields for spring fieldwork challenging.

Ridges, Ruts & Rough Ground after Winter

Many of a farm’s winter activities can reveal soil disruption, ridges and other unwelcome “landscaping” once the snow melts. Plowing snow, spreading winter manure or pen packs, checking fencing, feeding field-pastured livestock – these can all produce ruts, lumps and unevenness in soils. Add in the typical bumps associated with crop production – harvest tracks, headland compaction, root balls, and crop residues – and cutting through the mess and prepping seedbeds for spring planting becomes a balancing act of both speed and effectiveness.

It Pays to Pay Attention to your Seedbed Floor!

Having the right tools for the job can help you get ahead of rough ground while pulling off the speed versus effectiveness balancing act. Many machines used for spring tillage and seedbed prep will go fast or work hard – not both. Similarly, a lot of machines on the market will turn out a nice, even, welcoming-looking seedbed when viewed from the top, but a couple of quick spadefuls of dirt show they don’t penetrate to the lower part of the soil profile. This leaves root balls, ridges, and uncut residues in their wake, and makes a less-suitable germination environment for seed.

Dig Deep to Tackle Root Balls, Ruts & Residue!

The K-Line Ag Speedtiller has tackled the speed/effectiveness balancing act with a couple of engineering differentiators that set producers up for an efficient and effective spring fieldwork season. The first benefit is the Speedtiller’s jump arms, which are the heaviest and strongest in the market. These arms allow the Speedtiller to dig deep (even in hard or compacted soils), busting through root balls, residues, ruts, and ridges in your soil. The Speedtiller pairs these heavy-duty jump arms with an angled undercut disc design, which helps to lift the soil and fight compaction.

Easy Disc Adjustment to Remove Ridges in Soil

The second differentiator that allows the Speedtiller to help producers speed through spring work without sacrificing effectiveness is its laterally-adjustable disc positioning. Utilizing a simple lever adjustment on the Speedtiller’s frame, an operator can modify the positioning of the discs along the frame, pulling them closer together or further apart as the conditions warrant or as the machine moves from field to field. This ability to modify the discs also virtually eliminates seeder bounce by producing a flat, even surface optimized for germination. Responding to field conditions improves the tiller’s performance while keeping spring-work moving quickly – a double bonus during this busy time.

Ready to Run?

The last challenge for harried crop farmers during spring work is making sure everything’s ready to run for spring work. Tractors, implements, seed, operators – it’s another balancing act! If there’s a K-Line Ag Speedtiller in your future, getting a jump on spring-work means picking up your machine now.

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The good news for the Spring rush is that we currently have stock of 2995P (31′) machines! Get in touch with the K-Line Ag team today on 800-445-6882, to locate your closest dealer and stockist. You can be sure your fields will thank you later!

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