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K-Line Ag Easy Fit Coulter Kits - headerCrop Residue Issues at Seeding Time? K-Line Ag Easy Fit Coulters are your answer!

Tackling crop residue is a challenge for most farming systems. We all want big strong healthy crops, so we can increase yield and profit margins. The advance of GMO cropping (you can read more on this here) has enabled farmers to greatly increase their yields, but has also resulted in a new set of challenges, in dealing with crop residues left behind after harvest.

Heavy residues make it difficult for planters to pass through. However, there is a real advantage in retaining harvest residue for increased organic matter, and microbial activity.

Conversely, complete removal or burning off of surface stubble leaves soil exposed and susceptible to erosion. It also reduces soil fertility due to the loss of valuable organic matter and micro-nutrients.

Dealing effectively with this valuable crop residue provides ample benefit to the soil, and therefore to subsequent crops and yields. The key is to find the balance between leaving too heavy a residue, and complete residue removal. Many producers are faced by the challenge of how to manage the residue with existing planting equipment.

Here’s the good news!

The good news is that many seeding machines can be retro-fitted with coulters for this purpose!

An in-frame coulter wheel setup mounted ahead of a seed drill is an effective, efficient option for residue cutting and seeding through tough surface crusts. The coulter keeps the tine residue-free by slicing through trash, providing a direct path to the soil for seeding and therefore increasing the chances of viable germination. This coulter path is also helpful in channelling moisture to seeds and roots, which can provide the boost needed to give sown crops the growing advantage over weeds and pioneer seeds from previous crop rotations.

The following image clearly shows how  Coulters help to keep the seeding tine free of residue and viney weeds.

K-Line Ag Easy Fit Coulters for Residue Management
K-Line Ag Easy Fit Coulter Kits keep your seeding tyne residue-free – maximize trash flow and improve germination rates!

Retro-fitting Coulters needs to be done correctly for efficient operation, so it’s important to choose a set that can be added easily. K-Line Ag’s vertical tillage “Easy- Fit” Coulter system is advanced in design, robust, compact and simple to fit.

It has an exclusive taper locked swinging arm for accurate cutting alignment. The fit-up vastly increases trash flow, gives better soil to seed contact, and reduces soil throw from the tines, which allows for higher operating speeds.

Another significant advantage of K-Line Easy Fit Coulter Kits is that they speed up the sowing process by preparing the way for the tine to pass through the soil and minimising trash entanglement. Without a coulter to aid this process, a tine will cause excessive soil disturbance when breaking through the soil, which results in trash blockages and an uneven seedbed.

Watch the K-Line Easy Fit Coulter System in Action!

In a Nutshell, the advantages of fitting coulters to your seeding machine are:
  1. Keeps your tine residue-free to maximize trash flow
  2. Reduces soil throw for accurate seed placement
  3. Gives better soil to seed contact
  4. Improves germination rates
  5. Retains trash residue to maximize nitrogen & microbes for next year’s crop
  6. Allows for higher operating speeds
  7. Increases point life
  8. Universal easy-fit to suit air-seeders, disc-seeders and most seeder bar frames

Adding K-Line Easy Fit Coulters to your planter will ultimately increase your efficiency, yields & profitability! With the increased economic pressure on producers today, fast and efficient planting equipment is of upmost importance!

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  1. I like how you mentioned that heavy residues make it difficult for planters to pass through. Thanks for sharing this article because it helps me understand how there are machines that can help through tough surfaces when seeding. I will look for more information to know more about this topic.

    1. Hello Derek,
      Thanks for your comment! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like more information on K-Line Ag Easy Fit Coulter Kits and how they work.

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