Releasing our Latest Model: 21′ (6.25m) Powerflex

It’s official – our newest model Speedtiller Powerflex® is now available in both North America and Australia! With an operating width of 20.5 feet (6.25m), this model embodies all the award-winning Powerflex advantages in a smaller machine. The smaller operating width means it suits smaller tractors, making it available to more farmers and ranchers.

Although we have been running in North America for sometime now, this machine is new in the Australian marketplace. Watch the 2 minute video below, of the 21′ Powerflex launch to Australia.

Combining all the Powerflex Advantages you know about…
  • Selective Dual Mode Weight Transfer System
  • Wing Down Pressure
  • Quick Adjust Lateral Disc Positioning
  • Proven Extreme Duty Disc Arm & Hubs
  • Roller Shock Protection
…in a smaller model to suit more applications!

The smaller size machine suits a lower horsepower tractor, making this machine a great option for all farming operations. Ideal for cotton and mixed vegetable growers! Its narrow transport width makes for simple road travel & easier accessibility on the farm (no more squeezing through those gates!)

Yes! I’d like some more info on this!

Tried & Proven

It’s been successfully trialled and running in the US for a year, and has passed in-field testing in Australia with flying colours. Click below to view video footage of the 21′ Powerflex at work in America.

6.25m Powerflex - Demo in Corn Ground, Harlan Iowa
6.25m Speedtiller Powerflex – Demo in Corn Ground in Harlan, Iowa
6.25m Powerflex - Producing a Seedbed in Heavy Corn Trash
6.25m Speedtiller Powerflex – Producing a Seedbed in Heavy Corn Trash






Download New Powerflex Brochure Here!


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