Jumpstart! 3 Tillage-Related Ways to Save Yourself Irritation, Money, and Time in 2019

Jumpstart 2019 with our tips on purchasing tillage equipment!As 2018 winds down, people everywhere will be talking New Year’s resolutions. They’re dusting off the ones that fell by the wayside as 2018 ticked along, and coming up with new ones for the year ahead. For farmers, this time of year means being proactive, anticipating the worst (weather, markets, etc) and planning their way through.

At K-Line Ag, we’re doing a lot of the same. We’re planning for 2019, assessing how this year’s gone, and trying to connect the dots on our strategy moving forward. So in the spirit of improvement, planning and, of course, tillage, we’re giving you a jumpstart on 2019! Here are three tillage-related things that will save you irritation, time, and money in the year ahead.

Save Yourself Some Irritation

Nothing’s worse than buying something one day and seeing it on sale a few days later. Most machinery lines have yearly price adjustments, to account for increases steel or commodity prices, freight, and other manufacturing costs. Planning your purchases ahead of the new year’s price increase saves you the irritation of paying more next year.

Save Yourself Some Money

Speaking of paying more, surveys by media outlets regularly put “save money” in the top two or three New Year’s resolutions, and for good reason – access to extra capital can help you out of a lot of problems. Besides saving money on tillage equipment by avoiding the year end price increases, you can make investments in your operation now that can save you money on your tax bill.

For most farmers and in most instances, agricultural equipment purchases are depreciable as operational expenses. Making strategic purchases of machines – like any of K-Line’s tillage equipment – before year end can help you manage your tax liability in 2018 and for subsequent years. Tax purchase strategies are definitely unique to every operation, however, and should always be discussed with your tax professional.

Save Yourself Some Time

No farmer we’ve ever met has an overabundance of time. And few farmers ever feel fully ready when spring rolls around and it’s time to get in the field. Weather (especially wet falls like the one we just had!) can make it difficult to get all your fall tillage accomplished, and planting windows can leave farmers crunched for time in the spring. Making smart decisions when choosing tillage equipment and planning equipment upgrades helps you avoid maintenance downtime. This pays big rewards when spring tillage season breaks loose and you need to cover a lot of ground fast.

Speedtillers longer-wearing discs and easier maintenance means you spend less time prepping for the field and more time actually in it, working the dirt. Whether you’re covering acreage of your own or tens of thousands of acres as a custom operator, operational efficiency is money in your pocket and a whole lot of peace of mind. Improving your operational efficiency by upgrading tillage equipment to newer machines or minimizing your mechanical downtime by purchasing more heavily-manufactured equipment is a smart way to save yourself some time (and more than a little irritation!) during the spring rush. Similarly, choosing a compact disc as opposed to other tillage machines for spring tillage can help in your soil conservation efforts by integrating trash residues deeper into the soil profile. That’s a win-win!

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