Can You Dig It? The Speedtiller Can!

Build. Adjust. Adapt.

This machine is packed full of farmer-driven features to improve your bottom line!

We’ve talked at length in previous blog posts about the differences between traditional vertical tillage and the brave new world of compact discs and multi-use tillage equipment (if you missed it, read it HERE). These new machines, like the Speedtiller®, combine the best qualities of vertical tillage (breaking up soil compaction at a deep level without creating erosive soil conditions) with the best qualities of discing (trash/residue management and organic matter integration, creating a richer soil profile and minimizing moisture loss and water runoff).

But like in so many other instances, not all tillage equipment is created equal. K-Line Ag’s commitment to working with and listening to farmers during the design and manufacturing process has created some unique features that differentiate Speedtillers from the competition. This farmer-informed idea and the responsiveness of K-Line Ag to farmer challenges – from varying soil types to different cropping strategies, to the importance of including ease-of-use features – have defined the Speedtiller® as a machine known for its innovation.


Fieldwork time is an anxiety-producing time for farmers. Things have to run just right in order to capitalize on the investments of time and human resources, while accounting for the unknowns of weather and climate. An ill-timed breakdown can not only prove frustrating, it can cause a cascade of delays that impact the entire operation.

While breakdowns are an inevitable part of farming and machinery usage, there’s much to be said for building to conditions. Today’s high-horsepower, high-speed tractors mean that quality-built implements like tillers help them handle the rigor of the modern working farm environment. Knowing this, K-Line Ag engineers designed the Speedtiller® with HEAVY-DUTY DISC ARM ASSEMBLIES. These assemblies are mounted on a 4×4 tube of channel iron, which is fitted with the largest, heaviest rubber torsion spring cords in their class. This 1-2 punch combination gives Speedtiller disc arm assemblies the ability to reduce machine bounce, maintain full cut capabilities at any operating speed, and provide an industry-leading 3 YEAR WARRANTY on the DISC BEARING HUBS!


Being efficient in small things can carry big benefits to overall operational efficiency. So the K-Line Ag engineers designed the quick-adjust LATERAL DISC ADJUSTMENT that allows over four (4!) inches of blade wear, meaning fewer maintenance stops and greater longevity. Plus, with the ability to adjust laterally, the operator gains the ability to remove below-surface ridging. This gives you smooth, even seedbeds and sets the stage for maximized germination at planting.


We get it. Field conditions are rarely ever perfect. And they’re even more rarely uniform from one field to another. Being able to meet and adapt to conditions on the fly is another feature that’s been built-in to the Speedtiller based upon real farming scenarios.

With the SPEEDTILLER POWERFLEX’S DUAL MODE OPERATION, operators can set their machine in rigid or floating mode, giving the machine much more versatility when responding to field conditions. This allows the operator options to address field conditions with deeper ground penetration and variable roller packing as needed. Dual Mode Operation can also be activated to eliminate machine bounce in hard pan, dry or rocky conditions.


We build our machines to last. We’ve allowed for easy adjustments to improve efficiency. We innovate operating processes that adapt to changes in field conditions. K-Line Ag has packed the Speedtiller® with farmer-driven features;  features that matter to farmers and operators.

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