When It’s Time to Get Going, Get a Compact Disc

Hello Spring!

After a long, cold, snow-filled winter where Mother Nature seemed to have forgotten to flip her calendar to spring for a few months, farmers across the US are finally starting to see a little sunshine and some warmer temps. Anticipation for the upcoming growing season rises with the mercury as soil temps ease into the viable range for seed germination across the country. Farmers, particularly those in the Middle Atlantic, Midwest and Upper Plains, are mindful that long, drawn out winters can translate into short growing seasons and that harvest is only a few months away. What can producers do now to minimize spring field work times on things like plowing and tillage and get seeds in the ground more quickly?

Huge time and energy savings can come from utilizing dual-purpose implements when working up fields. Compact tillers, like K-Line Ag’s Speedtiller, that can perform two functions (tillage and finishing/rolling) in a single pass are perfect for years when the weather has been less than cooperative, and the push is on to get crops seeded.

Efficiency is key

Compact discs’ efficiency not only help to get seeds planted sooner, but they provide immense benefits to soils and nutrient values as part of a conservation tillage strategy. Because compact discs minimize the need for additional passes with other pieces of equipment, they greatly reduce the soil compaction heavy equipment causes. This is particularly true in spring conditions where snow melt and spring rains have introduced additional moisture into the soil profile, and the weight of machinery on wet soils makes compacting more prevalent.

Also, the operation of compact discs allows residues from previous years’ crops to be integrated in the soil profile, dispensing and dispersing residues, adding nutrients and organic matter to the seedbed, and providing entry points for moisture and fertilizer applications. The Speedtiller cuts, sizes, and incorporates organic residues into the soil with a heavy-duty offset disc and provides a smooth finish with a trailing weighted roller.  The powerful one-two punch of this integration mechanism also helps soils resist wind and water erosion without compromising on seedbed viability, giving soils both the organic matter needed to slow water drainage and reduce surface forces of wind as well as providing a smooth seedbed surface for drills and planters.

Speedtiller® demonstrating it’s Powerflexibility in Dakota, USA

And, as any farmer knows, what’s good for soils is also good for the bottom line. Minimal tillage techniques can not only help alleviate time pressures during key tillage and planting windows, they can produce economical and operational efficiencies as well. Fewer passes with a dual-purpose implement like the Speedtiller can mean fewer mechanical issues and reduced fuel consumption, while human resource needs – man hours for tractor/implement operation as well as mechanical bills – are reduced as well.

Heavy duty jump arms, a wide footprint and more…

As an implement originally built for the harsh and sometimes extreme conditions of Australian agricultural usage, the Speedtiller is uniquely positioned to adapt to the widely variable conditions and usage of the American agricultural market. Adept at meeting the challenges of soils ranging from clay to sand, Speedtillers offer quick-adjust disc positioning and weight transfers that give it flexibility and improve performance across varying soil types. Heavy-duty jump arms, a wide footprint, and a high-engineered disc hub give the Speedtiller the robustness needed to cover large fields at high speed without breakdowns – another key to meeting the challenges of spring work.

So when Mother Nature brings you sunshine and dry fields, and the pressure to plant quickly is high, having a tillage implement that brings immense benefits in efficiency, soil quality, erosion control and operational effectiveness is both a time saver and a sanity saver.

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